Secrets To Enhance Your Sexsual Performance In The Ejaculation By Command ebook By Lloyd Lester

According to many customer reviews over the web, the Ejaculation By Command ebook by Lloyd Lester appears to be a great program which provides solution to avoid premature ejaculation symptoms. It includes special skills, techniques, tips, and exercises that can intensify your sexual performance. The positive reviews from existing customers support the efficiency of this product. In the following parts of this review article, you can learn more about this PDF ebook before you buy and download it from the official website.

buy and download the ebook now
Learn more about this PDF ebook before you buy and download it from the official website.


  • Lloyd Lester is a renowned expert and researcher in male health issues who created a revolutionary program on increasing sexual stamina for men. The Ejaculation by Command ebook is specially designed for men with an aim to permanently cure their premature ejaculation (PE) problem, which affect many men who ejaculate very soon or before reaching climax in bed.
  • From start to end the content in the book has extremely useful, effective, endeavored, and demonstrated techniques of how to prevent PE condition. All these PE treatment methods are convenient, simple, and natural without any concern about side effects.
  • The book provides an effective treatment program for all the PE sufferers because it thoroughly explains the causes of PE and how to attain self-control on this condition.
effective treatment for all the PE sufferers
The book provides an effective treatment program for all the PE sufferers.

Different Phases of Arousal

  • As soon as you go through these introductory pages in the first part of the book, Lloyd Lester moves on to describe the different phases of sexual arousal. He explains further that arousal cycle is a core factor related to ejaculatory control and so it is necessary to understand different phases and how to control them for a long time. He even give indications and signs which will help you to be aware of these phases during intercourse, especially when you are about to reach the peak.
  • This information is valuable because with the knowledge of which phase you are in, at present and which will be next, allows you to make necessary adjustments or enhance stamina to avoid ejaculation before reaching the climax.
  • In addition, Lloyd clearly reveals specific changes to make in a particular phase during intercourse, so you can identify how to extend the length of climax and amplify your staying power.
how to extend the length of climax
You can identify how to extend the length of climax and amplify your staying power.

Techniques In The Ejaculation by Command Guide

  • Once you understand the root cause of premature ejaculation it will become very easy for you to seek out the right technique and skills to resolve this issue. What to eat for enhancing your sexual performance is something which make the guide very helpful.
  • Effective PE exercises are discussed in the guide for faster and better results. Moreover, how many sets to execute, how often, what time, and which place are explained. In addition, expected time of the outcome is also mentioned.
  • These routines are so simple and convenient that you can perform it along with routine activities like walking, talking, working, jogging, driving, or watching TV. However, the results will be experienced in your sex life. It will include an enhancement of overall sexual health and better ejaculatory control.
  • Correct breathing techniques is described in a thorough and easy way. Distraction technique can spoil sex which is also explained efficiently. Moreover, focus on the correct type of body sensations is emphasized.
overall sexual health and better ejaculation control
An enhancement of overall sexual health and better ejaculation control.

Unique Features

  • In the Ejaculation By Command guide book, there are 17 very helpful tips provided to transform your view about the whole intercourse process.
  • There are 135 pages of content including tips, tricks and techniques necessary to stop shooting too soon.
  • Muliti-media content is available in both video and audio format which makes it easier for ebook readers to absorb, learn, and try the techniques with ease.
  • You will learn position technique during intercouse for ejaculatory control. And you will learn the skills to boost confidence and enhance endurance.
  • Discover the breathing strategies to lengthen your orgasm and increase staying power. And see the muscle exercise to withstand passionate sexual stimulation and control premature ejaculation.
  • Pleasure acclimatizing technique to train and condition your ejaculation reflexes so you automatically last longer.
  • Reveal a covert preparatory shortcut which permanently eliminates the feeling of anxiety and nervousness while having sex and the thrusting technique which adds more time to your lovemaking.
  • You can download the PDF ebook instantly upon purchase. You will enjoy lifetime customer support ensures that you will not experience any issues in future.
understand every concept and instructions
It is sensible to learn and understand every concept as well as follow instructions.

Customer Reviews

  • In many customer reviews for the Ejaculation by Command program, it is found that ingredients and exercises in the ebook work as promised. Your PE issue gets cured without using gadgets or medications.
  • The ebook guides you through training programs which include exercises that address the main cause like intense sexual arousal, poor stamina, and skimpy ejaculatory control. Practicing these techniques can give you full control on your need to ejaculate.
  • Lloyd Lester shares plenty of information about male ejaculation issues. The details of the program guide are accurate, useful, and concise. There is no place for guessing because everything is presented in step-by-step style.
  • Everyone will be concerned about safety before they apply the exercises and concepts mentioned before trying. It is wise to consult your doctor before using this product. Just like every product, it is sensible to learn and understand every concept as well as follow instructions.


  • Many people with severe PE symptoms found it ineffective but they had some limitations like penis size and bad genes.
  • The eBook includes strategies that take time to see substantial results but some impatient people complain of getting bored by doing the included exercises in a daily basis.
  • According to some buyer reviews, the the book guide program don't provide enough illustrations for them to understand the included technique carefully.
proven techniques which actually work
The PE treatment program has included tested and proven techniques which actually work.


  • According to many therapist, the Ejaculation By Command eBook by Lloyd Lester has included tested and proven techniques which actually work. Generally, every technique included is applied by therapists in their private practice.
  • The author of the program has employed the included methods to handle his PE condition. He experienced amplification in his staying power. His sexual session usually lasted for more than 35 minutes. This saved his marital life.
  • If you want to eliminate the awkward moments of making excuses to your girl due to PE then you can buy and download the program now. It not just helps you to last longer in bed, but simultaneously allows you to give your girl complete sexual satisfaction.
  • Overall, you will discover that the program will not just assist you to prevent PE, but even enhance your sexual performance at the same time.
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